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Why USPS First Class Mail/Packages?

1 Aug - Why USPS First Class Mail/Packages?

First Class Mail is the popular and economical choice to send items with the USPS. You can send personal correspondence, letters, postcards, envelopes, and even small packages that weight 13 ounces or less. Once a package goes over 13 ounces, you must upgrade to Priority Mail. Large envelopes, like a package that can ship a scarf or a light garment, cannot weigh more than 13 ounces. They can not be more than 12x15x4, or cannot be measured more than 108 inches in combined girth and length.
Most shipping retailers do not provide or carry this service for customers for one reason, it is not profitable. We at ShipSpace are committed to provide our clients and customers with the most solutions and options for their shipping needs, thats why we proudly provide this service when a customer comes for help.
Please see a shipping specialist from the numerous ShipSpaces near you for help with your shipping needs!

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