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Merchant shipping to China

Merchant shipping to China

Merchant shipping to China:

Attention Business Owners:

Are you looking for an affordable international courier service? Do you need a reliable carrier for shipping to China? How about a fast AND cheap way to ship to China?

Look no further! Shipspace is the answer to all your fast, efficient and affordable needs for shipments to China.

We are a USPS approved shipper and mail consolidator capable of receiving reduced pricing through our contracts with the USPS.

By choosing Shipspace, we can provide savings of up to 70% on Priority Mail International (PMI) compared to any national courier service, including the post office!

For example, if you went to the local post office, one container of baby formula weighing about 2lbs will cost you $50.10 to ship to most destinations in China. With Shipspace you will only be paying only $14.75 for the same shipment.

Standard leadtime will be about 6-10 business days to many major markets (actual transit time may vary depending on origin).

Please inquire with us today for all your shipment and courier needs